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My life at a small art school in Maine, as a Volunteer In Service To America…these are my doodles, up until January ’11. I’m there till August ’11. I imagine that many more doodles will be born in the months to come after I’m completed this year of service…




  1. Getty says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was LAUGHING out loud, but also getting a true sense of your time. I love it.

  2. shoshona says:

    love the last one. o man…

  3. Birk says:

    I think your job troubles are gonna help me fend off my job boredom.

  4. Barbara Zucchi says:

    Kate. WOW! Your stuff is so raw and wonderful. WOW!

    Has anyone ever told you what an amazing writer and artist you are? Hahahaha!

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