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Online Math Course

Very difficult to pay attention to this guy: 

…when there are way more fun things like this happening online:  


Meet Lovey

Meet my new pup, Lovey! She’s around 2 years old, a rescued West Highland Terrier from a puppy mill. She is quiet and cuddly indoors, kind of shy in public (very timid around men and children), but get her out on the mudflats and she goes WILD!!!!!!!!!! No fear at all out there. She loves canoeing, running in mud and splashing in the water. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY LOVEY!!!

Here she is charging through the water with her steady pal, Rufus. Rufus usually hates water, even going so far as refusing to step outside when it’s raining! But even he felt inspired yesterday.

Animals + Home

I realized yesterday that this summer of 2011 is the FIRST summer I am not spending living at (or right nearby) my parents house. And it’s really hitting me! I miss the animals, the green field and trees and my gardens, plants, bright windows, the earthy smell, barefeet, toiling on projects around the house with Dad…but, visits are second best. This visit included: Dad’s new baby Rhode Island Reds, Knuckles hiding under the cars and Dad using “the bunny plunger” to get him out from under there, making fresh rose water, cuddling Rufus and puttering around the gardens (plus one or two minor anxiety attacks).

The Hounds of Hassettville

This was the boys’ reaction to me bringing home donuts from Moody’s…because I wouldn’t share with them right away. Here they are expressing their discontent and sorrow (beautifully)! When Dad came home, he ended up giving them some of the donuts and all was right in the Dogworld again.

“Hardcore Hoops” Hula!

The screen is sideways but that is fitting for a hula hooping video. It’s LOOPY!

I have a new found LOVE of hula hooping. I’ve been learning from Tracy Tingley who makes these “hardcore hoops” and teaches a class through adult ed and hosts a free hula night (you can borrow one of her MANY hoops) Wednesday evenings on the Eastern Prom. Last week she had 42 hoopers show up!!!

I’m hooked. It’s a fun and healthy craze. Plus it supports a local businesswoman (Hardcore Hoops)!