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I drew myself some friends to keep me company at a recent training for work. I was paying attention too though, I promise.

Katie Hassett in kindergarten…

Shortly after the phone call…

A doodle. And look, it features Lovey!

The Misfortunate Tail of the Chicken

This short story was originally a flip book that I drew several years ago. And I’m just now getting around to scanning it to create this very short and digitized slideshow/flipbook. (Click the drawing or the link to view the slideshow)

My ALTERNATE reality is a way more interesting place to dwell.

Revelations + Regurgitations.

That’s Right



Apparently It’s Old News to Mom






Lizzie Should Visit More Often



Conversations With Wayne 2009


Emotions of me and ceaselessly dreaming of my childhood cow.

The Death of My Neighborhood Possum.

Brussels Sprout Quiche.

A Week of Rashes, Responses and Reconciliations.