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My name's Kate Hassett. I'm a Human Ecologist. I'm passionate about food, social justice, art, self expression, farming (specifically dairy farming) and I like to draw comics. Drawing helps me process my experiences. I'm an observer. And a sensitive creature. This is my doodle (and story + snapshot) blog.

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This has been a summer rich with friendships for me. Surrounded by love at all angles! Neighbors, housemates, visitors, family, new animals, old friends, new friends, dances, shows, transitions, starry night walks, far off places and vivid dreams. THANK YOU to everyone who has made this summer so glorious!!!

This is a photo of my beautiful friend Jeff. We met at NOLS in 2006. He came to Maine this past week with his band “Deep Chatham”. It was so good to see him after 5 years of growth and change and life…and how incredible to find that we still have an enduring soul connection that runs deep despite distance. Much love.

And then of course you’ll recognize this new friend…she’s been in my life for a little over a month now (and I can’t imagine what I did without her):

This was an incredible pizza…I made it with friends and it deserves a cameo on the internet.

More photos and shout outs to come, of PEOPLE, creatures, places and things that I am grateful for.

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