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Cape Eliz

You wouldn’t know it from this photo, but I was lying in the grass next to the ocean. WHY I took a photo of these dandelions and not the calm of the pristine ocean…I dunno. They almost look like they’re dancing, don’t they?!? T’was a good peaceful evening.

Animals + Home

I realized yesterday that this summer of 2011 is the FIRST summer I am not spending living at (or right nearby) my parents house. And it’s really hitting me! I miss the animals, the green field and trees and my gardens, plants, bright windows, the earthy smell, barefeet, toiling on projects around the house with Dad…but, visits are second best. This visit included: Dad’s new baby Rhode Island Reds, Knuckles hiding under the cars and Dad using “the bunny plunger” to get him out from under there, making fresh rose water, cuddling Rufus and puttering around the gardens (plus one or two minor anxiety attacks).