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“Hardcore Hoops” Hula!

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My name's Kate Hassett. I'm a Human Ecologist. I'm passionate about food, social justice, art, self expression, farming (specifically dairy farming) and I like to draw comics. Drawing helps me process my experiences. I'm an observer. And a sensitive creature. This is my doodle (and story + snapshot) blog.

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The screen is sideways but that is fitting for a hula hooping video. It’s LOOPY!

I have a new found LOVE of hula hooping. I’ve been learning from Tracy Tingley who makes these “hardcore hoops” and teaches a class through adult ed and hosts a free hula night (you can borrow one of her MANY hoops) Wednesday evenings on the Eastern Prom. Last week she had 42 hoopers show up!!!

I’m hooked. It’s a fun and healthy craze. Plus it supports a local businesswoman (Hardcore Hoops)!

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