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My name's Kate Hassett. I'm a Human Ecologist. I'm passionate about food, social justice, art, self expression, farming (specifically dairy farming) and I like to draw comics. Drawing helps me process my experiences. I'm an observer. And a sensitive creature. This is my doodle (and story + snapshot) blog.

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My friends have the luckiest guinea pigs in the world! When they brought them to the vet for a check up, they were told that the poor little pigs were fat. So they invented “Lump Land”: a play area for the guinea pigs to roam about freely. Usually these guinea pigs (named Ringo and Oreo, also referred to as “the lumpies” due to their weight) are very timid and flatten themselves against the ground to appear less conspicuous. They are NOT big movers. But my pals rigged up a blanket canopy, stretched out across some chairs and couches. This provides the pigs with extra protection from the unknown dangers lurking in the space above. They also provide cardboard boxes for pit stops so that the “lumps” can wander from safe spot to safe spot. Sometimes they even GALLOP from place to place under the canopy! A joyful site indeed.

sheltered safe spot


I think that everyone who owns a guinea pig should develop some version of a Lump Land exercise arena for their short and obesity-prone four legged friends.

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  1. Ann Hassett says:

    I love guinea pigs!

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