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My Privileged Form of Poverty

Who Am I?

My name's Kate Hassett. I'm a Human Ecologist. I'm passionate about food, social justice, art, self expression, farming (specifically dairy farming) and I like to draw comics. Drawing helps me process my experiences. I'm an observer. And a sensitive creature. This is my doodle (and story + snapshot) blog.

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This is what my lunch looks like today. I’m sitting in the Portland Public Market, concerned that the scent of canned herring might be offending the chipper business folk around me…(I’m really looking forward to when I can consistently afford slightly more glamorous meals).

1 Comment

  1. Libby Casas says:

    Kate, I used to embarrass my family regularly by eating (in public places),
    1. canned sardines
    2. hard-boiled eggs

    They still love to talk about it.
    I still think it’s fine.


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