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Sweet Ride at the Gas Station

I was sitting in the car while Dad was pumping gas and I heard a loud putt-puttering noise and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Until this guy pulled up next to us!!! He drove this thing into the station straight off of Rte 1.

The Hounds of Hassettville

This was the boys’ reaction to me bringing home donuts from Moody’s…because I wouldn’t share with them right away. Here they are expressing their discontent and sorrow (beautifully)! When Dad came home, he ended up giving them some of the donuts and all was right in the Dogworld again.

“Hardcore Hoops” Hula!

The screen is sideways but that is fitting for a hula hooping video. It’s LOOPY!

I have a new found LOVE of hula hooping. I’ve been learning from Tracy Tingley who makes these “hardcore hoops” and teaches a class through adult ed and hosts a free hula night (you can borrow one of her MANY hoops) Wednesday evenings on the Eastern Prom. Last week she had 42 hoopers show up!!!

I’m hooked. It’s a fun and healthy craze. Plus it supports a local businesswoman (Hardcore Hoops)!

Lump Land

My friends have the luckiest guinea pigs in the world! When they brought them to the vet for a check up, they were told that the poor little pigs were fat. So they invented “Lump Land”: a play area for the guinea pigs to roam about freely. Usually these guinea pigs (named Ringo and Oreo, also referred to as “the lumpies” due to their weight) are very timid and flatten themselves against the ground to appear less conspicuous. They are NOT big movers. But my pals rigged up a blanket canopy, stretched out across some chairs and couches. This provides the pigs with extra protection from the unknown dangers lurking in the space above. They also provide cardboard boxes for pit stops so that the “lumps” can wander from safe spot to safe spot. Sometimes they even GALLOP from place to place under the canopy! A joyful site indeed.

sheltered safe spot


I think that everyone who owns a guinea pig should develop some version of a Lump Land exercise arena for their short and obesity-prone four legged friends.

My Privileged Form of Poverty

This is what my lunch looks like today. I’m sitting in the Portland Public Market, concerned that the scent of canned herring might be offending the chipper business folk around me…(I’m really looking forward to when I can consistently afford slightly more glamorous meals).

Forsythia Light Source

This is the view out one of the kitchen windows at my parents’ house. As you can see, the Forsythia is GLOWING! It actually lights up the kitchen. Beautiful. And those are Dad’s tomatoes in the window too. He started them from seed…happy tomatoes!

Don’t Pick Their Flowers

Saw this along Congress Street in someone’s front garden. Shoshona, consider this an intervention…

Not Just Doodles.

Since I’m going through a dry spell with my drawings, I’m opening this blog up to other forms of expression: writing and photos. I’ll start with a few photos. I just don’t like how “sketchykate” has turned stale. Time to refresh!

The squirrel in the photo below represents the view from my old apartment. I learned a valuable lesson from this squirrel: DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS THROUGHOUT A LONG WINTER OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW. This little guy tried to maul me several times while we were in the process of moving out this spring. Maybe he was mad that I was leaving? Maybe he was demented? Maybe I shouldn’t consistently feed squirrels…? When he wasn’t dancing around my feet and darting towards me in an erratic manner, he would grab a piece of bread, run up the tree, eat a little, then drop the rest of the bread so it would nearly hit me while packing up the car.

These next two photos are a sampling of my new life on Munjoy Hill, where I will NOT be feeding squirrels. I will however, be feeding sea gulls down by the water. This is the view from my bedroom (note the ocean just beyond the trees):

And this is a piece of my bedroom! My sanctuary. 

Hopefully I will be posting more often now that I have freed myself of self-imposed artistic constraints.